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"Cyclists with Compassion" is a group of like-minded cycling enthusiasts who combine their love for cycling and desire to help under-privileged children!

German-born Australian Reiner Ebenhoch and his Singaporean wife Selina are the founders of Cyclists with Compassion. Now retired and living in Australia they want to put the skills and experience from their former corporate lives into good use by organising charity bicycle tours to help less privileged children in Asia. Both are avid cyclists and are happy that they can combine their passion, skill and desire to help in their project Cyclists with Compassion .

Living in the comfort of nice homes with electricity, running water, a full fridge and convenient access to medical services, education and opportunities to advance in life is something most of us can take for granted. But there are many out there, for whom such basic needs are unattainable luxuries. 

"Cyclists With Compassion" was started with the goal to make a difference to underprivileged children in Asia by raising money for better education, which in turn will bring hope for a better, brighter future. We know we can't change the entire world, but we can make a difference for some... one by one, bit by bit! 

We plan and organise long-distance cycling tours to parts of Asia, raising awareness about the needs of children in these areas. By raising money from friends and family donated in recognition of our mental and physical efforts, we hope to contribute our little part of making their world a little better, a little brighter! All cyclists pay all expenses for the tour themselves and all proceeds will go to the selected charity!

HELP US TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE ! Join us as a cyclist, a sponsor or both!

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