The Tamar Center

The Tamar Center was founded in 1999 and seeks to provide hope in a city full of red-light districts. To provide healing through love, counselling based on Christian principles and to provide education through vocational training as well as job opportunities for girls leaving the bars. Girls travel to Pattaya in search of happiness and financial security;  instead they find prostitution, loneliness and disease. Far away from their families and friends many girls desperately desire love, comfort and help to find alternate employment.

Tamar Center operates two centers in Pattaya. In Soi 6 they have an Outreach Center which includes a hair salon, the House of Peace – a place for women working in the bars to come and rest, they offer free English classes and have a House of Prayer on the top floor. On 3rd Road in Pattaya, Tamar Center has their main office which includes their own restaurant and bakery, card and handicraft room, counselling center and offices. In addition to these centers,  Tamar  have rented ten houses in a small and quiet street, where Tamar Center  operates  a nursery for the children of the women and accommodation for all the women in Tamar's programs. Tamar team members also do regular outreaches to Issan (the north east region of Thailand), the region where most of our women come from. 

Tamar Center is a part of Youth With a Mission (YWAM) Thailand and under the covering of Project L.I.F.E. and is supported by Stichting Tamar Center Thailand.

The Tamar Center's Special Project for Children: 


Tamar Center is helping women that are working in the sex industry to find a new life, education and new jobs. But this project is not about the women, it is about their children. Most women that Tamar is helping have a number of children and find it hard to provide for them.



The women working in the sex industry often have a number of children and find it hard to provide for them. Especially when they leave their jobs to change their lives, they struggle to earn enough money to provide for all their children. Often the children are staying with family in the North-East of Thailand and some also have children with them. Tamar aims to support them with a monthly small amount of money (1000 THB - around 30 USD)



Tamar  has a child sponsorship project going on for all the children that are currently at Tamar and for the once that have left to return to their villages. This project will help in the following way: Tamar will give the women each month 500 THB (15 USD) to pay for transport for the kids to go to school, snacks, etc. And each month, Tamar  will save 500 THB in the name of the child. Twice a year, the women have to pay the school fees in Thailand. The fees cover school materials, costs for school uniforms and other things. The amount that Tamar saves during the year will be enough to cover these costs for them and to help them with some other expenses.



Long-Term Impact

It will help the mothers to concentrate on their education and to not have to worry about finding money for their children. And because Tamar saves and manages the money for them, the  money for the education of the children can't be spend on other things.










The Hand To Hand Foundation

The reality for many underprivileged people in Pattaya, is a life that is entrapped by poverty and abuse.  Their lives are marked by a lack of adequate care, food, shelter and an uncertainty about the future. Many of these people earn a meagre living as street vendors, garbage collectors, prostitutes or beggars. Drug & alcohol abuse is common in these communities, making them very dangerous places for children to grow up in.

Those living in the slums are also at constant risk of abuse and exploitation, and a way to break out of this cycle of poverty seems almost impossible. Slum dwellers are often without the benefits of a house registration, which is needed to access healthcare, education and other government support services. In addition, without a birth certificate a child faces an entire lifetime of living as an ‘alien’ in their own home country.

Hand to Hand is a Christian organisation that is based in Pattaya, who recognise that human rights apply to all age groups. We seek to protect those who are marginalised regardless of their race, age or religion. We achieve this by showing them the love of Jesus Christ through prayer and, on a much more practical level, by providing services such as helping them acquire legal documentation and offering food, clothing and educating the poor.

Amongst the projects run by the H2H Foundation are a pre school, open every Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. Currently there are 46 children enrolled from the local slums.

H2H's also runs a scholarship program with currently 111 children in  the scholarship program, most of whom are fully supported by sponsors. Despite this there are many more awaiting help.