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CWC2024: Explore The Beauty Of Kanchanaburi

Together with our tour organisers, Ant Tours Thailand we have put together a route of nearly 800 km. 800 km of excellent riding starting and ending in Kanchanaburi with a stopover in Hua Hin at the Gulf of Thailand. As always, we have tried our very best to balance great riding through beautiful jungle scenery along quiet roads with the right number of challenges and some nice hills. But do not worry, CWC rides have always been rides with the focus to allow riders of different fitness levels, ages and riding experience to feel part of and included. The objective of the cycling charity "Cyclists with Compassion" is not only to raise funds for deserving charities, but also to bring together like-minded people from all corners of the world, age groups, creeds, races, nationalities, cultures etc. for a time of friendship and camaraderie. Riding in a Cyclists with Compassion tour is an extra-ordinary experience; indeed, the long days in the saddle can be sometimes challenging, but at the end all the suffering is rewarded with an indescribable feeling of achievement and friendships bonded for a lifetime. As every year, participation in CWC2024 is by invitation only. If you are interested to join, please just register your interest at 

Kanchanaburi, often referred to as "The pearl of Thailand" , where history meets nature. Kanchanaburi is a province located in the western part of the country, famous for its lush jungles, crystal-clear waterfalls, and historical landmarks. It’s a perfect destination for those who crave a break from the city’s chaos and a chance to connect with nature. 

Kanchanaburi has a rich history, particularly related to World War II. The infamous Bridge over the River Kwai, where many prisoners of war perished, is one of the main attractions of the province, amongst many others.

In 1942 Kanchanaburi was under Japanese control. It was here that Asian forced labourers and Allied POWs, building the infamous Burma Railway, constructed a bridge, an event fictionalised in the films "The Bridge on the River Kwai"  and "The Railway Man ". Almost half of the prisoners working on the project died from disease, maltreatment or accidents. There were four POW camps in or near the city,inc luding Tamarkan which was used as a work camp to construct the bridge. After the completion of the railway line, most prisoners were concentrated in the Kanchanaburi area, and often sent on to Japan or French Indo-China. At Kanchanaburi, there is a memorial and two museums to commemorate the dead. 

You can download the full tour itinerary  here: 

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