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November 11 to November 20, 2022

CWC2022 - From Khao Yai National Park to Pattaya!

We flagged off CWC2022 in Khao Yai to start our 735 km bicycle ride to Pattaya. 38 people from many different countries, nationalities, religions, backgrounds, age groups etc. embarked on this amazing journey? For some it was a reunion with old friends, for some it was the beginning of a new and strong friendship, but for all it was an extraordinary experience.

CWC2022 was a success – from all aspects! The route was beautiful, the weather perfect, the food amazing, the support team from Ant Tour Thailand fantastic and the whole group became fast one big family. Everybody was there for everybody and all were part of the same team. CWC2022 was also blessed: aside from four flat tyres there was no incident over the 20,000 km we collectively cycled. The divine road captain above us certainly watched over us.

It was also a fundraising success: As of today we raised over THB 930,000 from more than 150 individual donors. This amounts to an average donation amount of THB 6,200 per donor and THB 38,750 per rider. A fantastic result! I like to thank all our sponsors for their generosity. The support you have shown to us as a group and for each individual rider has kept us going and is indeed the reason why we do what we do! Thank you for being part of the CWC family! You give us purpose!

We thank every participant of CWC2022 for their commitment to our cause, for raising funds and for being the wonderful and special people you are. I

The ride ended with a heartwarming closing ceremony at The HandtoHand Foundation, organised by the children and teams from The Tamar Center and the HandtoHand Foundation. Words will fail to describe the emotions all participants felt when riding in to the H2HF compound, led by 14 children from both Tamar and H2HF, cheered on by more than 100 people! It was amazing and I will let the pictures on the right do the talking.

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