CWC 2019:

What A Week It Was!













CWC 2019 has ended, but the memories are still so fresh in my mind and will stay there forever. Although 2019 saw the lowest number of participants, to me it probably was the best CWC ride of all. People from so many different backgrounds, races, nationalities and religions came together and for one week they were ONE, united by an extraordinary experience, by the pain and suffering of long hours in a the saddle, by adverse weather, but more so by friendship and respect that grew day by day and will last a lifetime. I like to thank all riders and participants of CWC 2019 for their support, their sacrifices and for raising funds for those in need and despair. Together, between the two donation portals from FFI and Simply Giving as well as funds given directly and specifically to any of our three beneficiaries, YOU raised the amazing amount of:


USD 19,100 (app) or nearly THB 600,000


Congratulations! This is indeed the highest amount per rider we ever raised and a true reflection of moral make up of the CWC 2019 group! 

CWC 2019 was the first tour with a non-rider option. The spouses of five riders had a marvellous time exploring a Thailand completely off the beaten tourist track, visiting local markets and sights, taking part in cooking classes etc. The response for the non rider tour was so positiv that there will certainly be one for CWC 2021!


FFI and Simply Giving will soon distribute the funds equally between the three beneficiaries of CWC 2019. I will send out a personal note to each and every donor over the next few days to thank them for their generosity and support, without which our efforts would be futile and CWC would just be another bike ride.


Corporate sponsors are very important for rides like ours as they form the foundation of the donations. They also add credibility and PR value. My deepest gratitude goes out to the CWC 2019 Corporate Sponsors: Paul and Salinah Baragwanath of Underwater Shipcare, Gary Chua and Ethan Chow of Grand Cuvee, James Teo of Targa Lithographic Services, Edmund and Susanne Rajendra of Eastern Carpets, Astrid and Georg Starck of YogaStarck and Daniel Moylan of SpiceRoads Cycling. 


I like to thank Roelien Muller and her team for the warm welcome to their school, which has become a sanctuary of love and hope for so many young children in the Phuket area. Seeing the happiness of the children was the only reward we ever needed and their beautiful, touching performance brought a little tear into the eyes of even some of the most hardened cyclists. Thank you so much! 


Collectively between all riders CWC 2019 covered a total distance of nearly 10,000 km and thankfully without any major or serious incident. We have to thank our guardian angels from above, but also those on the ground that came in the shape and form of our guides and drivers. The guides, Khun Woody and Khun Bird;  the drivers, Khun Suwat, Khun Sunit, Khun Chin and Khun PD: You have been outstanding! You are often the one thing that stands between a nice bike ride and time in a hospital. Thank you for keeping us safe, nourished and hydrated.  


Spiceroad Cycling has again proven, why they are the leading cycling tour company in Asia. Thank you, Daniel and Erick for joining us for part of the tour and for the support and consideration you have extended to CWC from the very beginning. It was a true pleasure to plan the ride with Erick and Kie. You two are simply amazing. It seems that there is no problem that you can't solve  (but don't worry, I am working on it !).


There will be no CWC in 2020 as we have decided to change the timing back to the early part of the year and hence the next CWC will be in January/February 2021. We will publish the final route and itinerary as well as the chosen charity in April 2020! So, stay tuned!


For now, God Bless and Safe Riding...,





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