We are currently in progress to set up the donation portal!

Cyclists With Compassion (CWC) is a  group of like-minded cycling enthusiasts and was started with the goal to make a difference to underprivileged children in Asia by raising money for better education, which in turn will bring hope for a better, brighter future.

CWC  organises long-distance cycling tours to parts of Asia, raising awareness about the needs of children in these areas. By raising money from corporate sponsors as well as donations from friends and family donated in recognition of our mental and physical efforts, we hope to contribute our little part of making their world a little better, a little brighter!

Our ambitious plans can only become reality with your help and support we would like to ask your kind support by becoming a sponsor of the CWC. There is no minimum donation; no matter how big or small, your contribution matters and will be very much appreciated.


The next CWC ride will be in January 2021. We will start the donation drive in mid 2020!

For corporate sponsorship, please contact us!