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Cyclists with Compassion 2016
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2017 by Cyclists with Compassion

The objective of the cycling charity "Cyclists with Compassion" is not only to raise funds for deserving charities, but also to bring together like-minded people from all corners of the world, age groups, creeds, races, nationalities, cultures etc. for a time of friendship and camaraderie. A Cyclist With Compassion ride is an experience one never forgets; it is challenging - no doubt - but also extremely rewarding. Our rides are no races and at the end of the ride everybody is a winner. 

Our rides usually take place in Thailand, away from heavy traffic and we usually ride through some of the most scenic areas. The rides are fully organised with food, accommodation, support vehicles, guides and contracted to an experienced and reliable cycling tour company. We try to make the rides accessible and enjoyable for everybody, but a minimum degree of fitness and some bike confidence is needed. Depending on the grade of difficulty we cover between 80 and 130 km daily. Naturally we always have riders with different fitness levels - we had gold medalist, iron men and Asian champions in the same tour with riders that only started cycling a few months before the tour - yet all had fun and felt the same satisfying feeling of achievement every day.  We do attempt to ride as much as possible together, but usually we separate into  groups: a fast and not so fast group! 

Riding in a Cyclists with Compassion tour is an extra-ordinary experience indeed; the long days in the saddle can be sometimes challenging, but at the end all the suffering is rewarded with an indescribable feeling of achievement and friendships bonded for a lifetime.

Please contact us with any questions!

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