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CWC2022: The Non-Rider Tour For Friends and Partners of CWC Cyclists

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Day 1

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We introduced the non-rider tour option for CWC2019 and it was a huge success. This option allows spouses and friends of the riders to share much of this unforgettable experience. The non-rider tour will not follow the riders, but has its own program during the day. 

CWC rides mostly through areas which are largely untouched by mass tourism and participants in the non-rider tour will visit and see beautiful and interesting sights of Thailand off the beaten tourist tracks, such as local food markets, temples, national parks, lakes, caves, elephants, wetlands full of wildlife. 


While the non-rider tour has its very own van, driver and daily program,  they all meet the riders back in the hotel and if possible also for lunch.


The non-riders will also participate in one of the highlights of CWC 2022: The Closing Ceremony at the Hand to Hand Foundation in Pattaya.

The non-rider tour package is limited to five participants only!

Please contact us for more info!

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Day 4

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Day 3

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Day 6

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Day 7

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