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November 3 to November 12, 2023!

CWC2023 -

From Khao Lak to Hua Hin!

From the Andaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, almost 800 km of riding through some of Thailand's most beautiful coastlines and mountain passes.

After an optional 58 km check ride from the tour hotel to the Tsunami Museum on November 3, up to 25 riders will start riding on November 4. A mountainous crossing from the Andaman Sea towards Surat Thani will be followed by rides through serene fishing villages along beautiful beaches to to our destination in Hua Hin, the Mercy House Foundation! Like in CWC2022 we will be supported and guided by the amazing crew of Ant Tours Thailand! A full route description will be published later.

Riding in a Cyclists with Compassion tour is an extra-ordinary experience indeed; the long days in the saddle can be sometimes challenging, but at the end all the suffering is rewarded with an indescribable feeling of achievement and friendships bonded for a lifetime. We do need to limit the number of riders to 25 riders to preserve the special, friendly and personal atmosphere, which has become the hallmark of CWC. 

As for the last CWC ride, we will offer again a non-rider option. This option is only open for spouses and family of our riders. Limited to six participants only it provides an unforgettable experience. The non-riders will enjoy seeing a most beautiful part of Thailand, completely unspoiled by tourism, following their own daily program with their very own van and driver before meeting up again in the evening with the riders.


Please contact us for booking details or with any questions! 

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