CWC 2022 - November 11 to November 20, 2022

727 km from Khao Yai National Park to Pattaya!

Together with our tour organiser ANT TOURS THAILAND we have put together one of the most beautiful routes one could possibly ride in Thailand. For all of you that had the pleasure of riding in a tour planned and led by Ant, you know, why he and his team are considered the best cycling guides in Thailand.

When planning a route for a CWC ride there are many important factors to consider. The safety, comfort, pleasure and happiness of our riders are paramount.


Here is just some of the criteria we applied:

  • The route must be safe and largely away from heavy traffic.

  • Interesting scenery and places along the route.

  • The road surface must be suitable for road bikes.

  • The daily distances must be manageable for any rider in the group.

  • What is the weather likely to be during the period of our ride?

  • Convenient rest points and lunch stop with good food and of course..."Good coffee".

  • Quality, comfortable and clean hotels.

Khao Yai Elephants
Khao Yai Roads
Khao Yai National Park
Khao Yai Sunflowers
Soi Dao Forest
Wang Nam Khao
Velo Hotel Sakeaw
Church in Chantaburi
Pan Bae Beach