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Book your 2022 experience... before it is too late!

​CWC has appointed ANT TOURS THAILAND as the organiser and operator of the CWC2022 ride. Once CWC has reviewed your booking ANT TOURS THAILAND will invoice you for the deposit and the subsequent final payment!

CWC will not request, invoice or accept any payment.

Your booking is only confirmed once the deposit has been paid.

CWC2022 Booking Request

Thank you for your booking request! 

We will be in touch soon!


After a short check up ride on day 1 our tour starts in earnest at the beautiful Khao Yai National Park, often referred to as Thailand's Yosemite Park. Our group will ride through the most amazing scenery - a true jungle wilderness home to wild monkeys, elephants, and other exotic wildlife. While we make our way south, following the Cambodian border on quiet roads along tranquil rice fields and plantations, we pass through many of the small towns and villages offering an interesting mix of Thai and Cambodian culture. Our well deserved rest day will be at a charming golf resort after four riding days. On day 6 we will start making our way to the Gulf of Thailand and after the days riding through rice fields, plantations and rain forest we will now ride along quiet ocean side roads and through picturesque fishing villages with colourful fishing boats. The ride will end after just over 700 km at the Hand2Hand Foundation School in Pattaya, one of the CWC 2022 charities with a heart-warming welcome ceremony by some of the children, which the ultimate beneficiaries of our ride and the reason why we are doing what we are doing!

The RIDE is by invitation only and limited to 25 participants!



Before you book...!

CWC2022 is a ride aimed at bringing people from all walks of life, gender, race, religion, age and nationality together for an unforgettable experience with a strong focus on safety, joy and friendship.

The Non- Rider Option

Introduced for the first time for CWC 2019, the Non-Rider/Spouse was a success for the non-cycling spouses of our riders . Limited to only 4 participants, spouses and friends of the riders will share much of this unforgettable experience.

When the cyclists take off in the morning for their daily route, the non-rider tour follow its own daily program with their own dedicated van and driver before meeting the cyclists at the hotel. 
The non-rider tour will visit and see beautiful and interesting sights of Thailand off the beaten tourist tracks, such as local food markets, temples, national parks, lakes, caves, elephants, wetlands full of wildlife. 
The non-riders will also participate in one of the highlights of CWC 2022: The Closing Ceremony at the Hand2Hand Foundation in Pattaya. 


By submitting the booking request form for CWC2022 the participant agrees TO HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY Cyclists With Compassion, its founders, facilitators and organisers and ANT TOUR THAILAND and its owner, contractors and employees for any and all liability for any property damage, loss or personal injury to the participant or any third party resulting from the participation in CWC2022.

However, CWC is primarily a charity ride with the objective to raise much needed funds for our chosen charities. Unlike many charity rides, CWC does not impose a minimum donation in order to join a CWC ride. But with only 25 participants we need everyone of our 25 cyclists to  make an effort to raise funds. Please consider that before you book. There is no minimum required and it is not a fund raising competition. Amounts raised by the individual cyclist are confidential and will never be publicized.

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